The advantages of Santorini lie beyond the beauty of its landscape. Far from being visually attractive, the land of Santorini has a lot of precious secrets hidden in its own earth. Even though the volcanic eruptions have destroyed an invaluable civilization, they have gifted the island with a fertile land from where unique corpses are produced. Its peculiar ecosystem has been formed thanks to the volcanic ash which is rich in elements that make it ideal for the growing of specific fruits and vegetables that can be cultivated nowhere all over the world. Among them, one can taste the tomatoes of Santorini which are jucier than the typical ones, with a thicker skin and an intense tomato flavor.

Santorinians produce tomato sauce from locale tomatoes, which is awarded by international organizations, every year.

Santorini cherry tomatoes

Santorini cherry tomatoes

There is also a kind of cream cheese which is produced in very low quantities so it is hard to find it yet it worth giving a try. The split peas of Santorini are totally different than any other of its kind firstly because they are produced from a seed called Lathyrus Clymenous that was found during the excavations in the ancient site of Akrotiri. They are sweter and more mature in taste that the other split peas kinds. The land of Santorini produces also white aubergines which are ideal for frying as it does not absorb much oil, it has not many seed in it and it has a sweet flavor. Caper is also locally produced and it is used in various salads as it enriches them with a special flavor.

Finally, Santorini is famous for its wine production.The vineyards of the island produce unique grapes that make one of the most tasty wine all over the world, known as Visanto.

Santorini wine

The wines of Santorini

Apart from that, there are several wine types produced in the wineries of Santorini and served at its restaurants along with the local dishes.There is a list below with the restaurants of Oia. Most of them serve food based on the vegetables produced in the island, either in the traditional way or in a gourmet way of serving. In any case, all the dishes are mouth watering and really tasteful!

•    Ambrosia

Ambrosia restaurant  Santorini

Ambrosia restaurant Santorini

It is ideal for a romantic dinner. The dining area is located on a terrace. White tablecloths and red roses adorn the tables. Even though there is no sunset view, the colorful sky during sunset time creates an amazing scenery. Modern dishes with mediterrenean and exotic flavors are served. Among the highlight of Ambrosia cuisine, one would find white grouper with sauce made of olives, tomatoes and coriander, lamp with mint and grapes, small tart with caramelized onions as well as traditionally made cabbage rolls with raisins and pine nuts and Mille feuille of roast white Santorini aubergines, with fresh tomato, mastelo cheese and sauce of smoked metsovone cheese.

•    Feredini

Feredini restaurant  Santorini

Feredini restaurant Santorini

Located at the entrance of Oia village, it is an Italian cuisine restaurant. Its tables are laid in a large veranda where the white color of the chairs and the tablecloths dominates. The white curtains of the veranda have been drown aside letting guests enjoy a magnificent view to the caldera. The Italian chef cooks some impressive dishes such as risotto with gorgonzola cheese, walnuts and radishes, shrimps flavored with vanilla, potato gnocci with wild asparagus and tagliatelle with pistachios, shrimps, zucchini and estragon.

•    Kantouni
It is an elegant restaurant in the cobbled street of Sideras area. Housed in a traditional captain’s house dating back to 1827, it has a cosy atmosphere thanks to its low lighting and the wooden sofas which are covered by fluffy pillows. A great variety of pasta is available and its menu is rich in such versions including pasta with ouzo, feta cheese, prosciutto and fres cream, or pasta with garlic and basilica, spaghetti with chicken in tomato sauce amd baked apple served with yoghurt, cinnamon and chocolate as a desert.

•    1800

Santorini restaurant 1800

1800 restaurant Santorini

It is a captain’s house built in 1840 which has been renovated and turned to a modern restaurant. Guests can choose the terrace from where they can have a nice view. Alternatively, there is a courtyard as well as an indoors dining area where one can feel the atmosphere of the old mansion. The old original furniture is at the same positions they used to be in the past. A venetian style bed has been placed at the reception area, welcoming the visitors. The food styling of each dish seems to be a unique piece of art while the tastes are base on traditional greek and Mediterranean recipes. Tan exceptional wine list is at guests disposal in order to make their dinner perfect.


•    Papagalos

Papagalos restaurant  Santorini

Papagalos restaurant Santorini

It is one of the oldest restaurants of Santorini, set in 1987 at Oia village. It has been listed among the best 50 restaurants all over Greece. The dishes served at Papagalos restaurant are made of fresh product including mainly those produced in Santorini island. The cucumbers sushi filled with siglino cheese (traditional cheese from Mani, Peloponese), served with yoghurt sauce and the spinach salad with haloumi (traditional Cypriot cheese) are amaxingly delicious. The menu consists of various dishes consisting either fish or meet, which are well cooked and nice flavored. The chocolate desserts are the best ending of each dinner.

•    Petros

Petros restaurant  Santorini

Petros restaurant Santorini

A typical greek restaurant where the smell of fresh fish grows people’s appetite. Traditional greek dishes and fresh fish recipes are the highlights of Petros restaurant, which dates back to 1950. The meals are accompanied by home made locally produced wine. For the end, guests are offered traditionally made “halva” with raisins anddd dried fruits.

•    Skala
It is a cosy greek style restaurant with well cooked dishes, located on the caldera. The most popular dishes of its carte are octopus cooked in visanto sauce, pork with “stamnagathi” (a tastefull vegetable), baked feta flavored with garlic  and chicken with yoghurt sauce.

•    Thalami

Thalami restaurant  Santorini

Thalami restaurant Santorini

Amazing caldera view and traditionally made greek dishes including fresh salads and sea food. All dishes are accompanies by a glass of santorinian wine, resulting to an exceptional taste experience.