Even though Santorini has been photographed by millions of people and every single corner of its spectacular caldera has been captured, there is a part of its beauty less popular and less famous. It concerns the paths along its plains and the routes that connect one region with another. So, let’s see what somebody could come across during a hiking route from Oia to Imerovigli.

Oia hiking

Hiking path Oia


Given that it is a short distance, it would take about 2 hours and a half. Starting from Oia, as exiting the village and after having passed Saint Vasileios church, there is a beautiful lane paved with volcanic stones. The lane is small and it some meters further it disappears and appears again in little segments. The next church is that of Prophet Helias which overlooks the caldera and the northwest side of the sea.


Prophet Helias church

Prophet Helias church


The valley of Perivolas lays downwards, covered by several local crops. The islands of Ios and Sikinos can be discerned to the back, in the sea. The ground is impressive thanks to the red lava masses on which moss and lichen have grown. This path seems at some point to have been divided into two pieces: one looking only to the north and the other having a view to the south and the caldera. After having walked for a few minutes, the Holy Cross church emerges. The altitude at that point is 300 meters, just a few meters below the peak of the Black Mountain. The view is panoramic towards all sides!

Hiking route Santorini

Santorini hiking


Directing to the southeast, Anafi island can be seen in the sea and even though the path seem to be hard to walk in for a while, it gets normal very soon. The path leads to some point over the asphalt roadway. Following a dirt road, the asphalt raowdway can be reached and after a short ascending along it, the crossroad to Pori appears. Our path is located just opposite the Pori crossroad. It is uphill and full of red and black stones. After some meters along it, there is a turning to the right, along a wired fencing. The view, offered from that point, consists of the dizzying caldera cliff. Climbing seems to become a bit difficult as the red and black stones of the get steeper. However the struggle is compensated by a magnificent view to Imerovigli that emerges some minutes later.

The path is now flat even though the slope is still steep and the fresh air is full of thyme smells. The caldera view is nothing less than wonderful now!

Hiking route Santorini

Hiking path Santorini


The next church of this route is another church to Prophet Helias, bigger than the previous one,which has a large courtyard. The road is dirt but it gets asphalt again after some meters of walking. Following a branch of the road along a narrow path, one can reach Agios Antonios chapel, built at the edge of the cliff. After that path, the route continuous to the wide asphalt roadway along which luxurious hotels with swimming pools take advantage of the spectacular view to the caldera. It takes almost half an hour walking to Imerovigli during which the view is enjoyable.


Santorini is a popular holiday destination and this has resulted to several business attacks to its natural beauty. However, people who love alternative activities and close to the nature, will definitely find some of them on the island. Hiking routes may be tried in several parts of the island like Fira, Akrotiri, Perissa etc. Each of them has a unique beauty and is worth trying!